Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything We Know

Kristen Stewart has endorsed Robert Pattinson's casting as the next Batman. The latest rumors come from Deadline Hollywood and The Wrap , which (respectively) float the possibilities that Colin Farrell is under consideration to play The Penguin and Andy Serkis may nab the role of Alfred Pennyworth. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Reeves said that his screenplay for The Batman will be a "point of view-driven, noir Batman tale," which leans into the notion of Bruce Wayne as the world's greatest detective.

Jayme Lawson is the latest addition to The Batman cast, reports Collider While Lawson is a recent graduate of The Julliard School, and has yet to even bank a single onscreen credit, her yet-to-be-revealed role in the film is reportedly a notable one, making this debut role an impressive accomplishment.

Initially envisioned as a sprawling, intertwined cinematic universe meant to rival Marvel, DC has since re-evaluated their approach to their superhero franchise more than once, toying with tone, continuity, and casting in an attempt to find a formula that sizzles.

The most recent news about the film is that John Turturro has joined the cast, playing Gotham's infamous mafia crime boss, Carmine Falcone. Matt Reeves signed on to direct The Batman back in 2017 - after Ben Affleck stepped down as director. The Batman releases June 25, 2021 in cinemas in India and elsewhere.

He's younger, which would make for a great match with Pattinson's younger Batman, and has already shown a great capacity for playing creepy weirdos in roles like in Jordan Peele's Get Out , and David Lynch's T win Peaks: The Return He could play the character a few times, if all goes well (as Ledger was planned to do before his untimely death), and match Pattinson in the movies film for film.

After the critical disappointments Batman v Superman and Justice League The Batman 2021 , Ben Affleck is hanging up his cape, leaving a Batmobile-sized hole for another iteration of the DC Comics icon. The actor might be a little hesitant about returning to the world of comic book movies, considering he's already starred in both Kick-Ass (the less said about its much maligned sequel, the better) and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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